Music and Math Course Curriculum Downloads

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Black Line Masters

Introduction reading for Functional Melodies
A Note From The Author – Pre intro single page reading
Teach Overview–How To Use These Activities

Functional Composer
Coordinate Graph – student sheet
In/Out tables – student sheet
Pre reading – student sheet
Name That Graph Notated solutions
Teacher Notes for Functional Composer

Name That Function

Inside Out
Polar Coordinate Graph – student sheet
Interface – student sheet
Music Manuscript for “Composition” – student sheet
Pre Reading – student
Resource Page/Guide
Image samples – student sheets
Teacher Notes and guide

Record Producer Algebra
Student Materials
Teacher Guide

Multiples of Drummers
Student Worksheet
Polyrhythm chart analysis questions for LCM
(note, the document above is included only for the analysis questions. The charts on this document are different from the student worksheet charts. It is recommended to use the “Student Worksheet” charts for the activity).
Followup Problems – student sheet
Pre reading and resource page – student sheet
Teacher Notes

Sound Shapes
Abridged student and teacher materials
Full Teacher Guide

Scaling the Scale Part I
Pre reading – student sheet
Student Worksheet and guide
Teacher Notes

Scaling the Scale Part II
Full chapter–teacher notes and student materials


PowerPoint FC, Inside Out, and more
PDF version
Full Course slides PDF


Article: Case study of Music and Math Project
Noteflight link–software to play notated melodies
Lesson Plan Template

Excerpts from interview with Zhania Aubakirova, founder of Zhania Aubakirova’s College in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Zhania discusses her vision and inspiration for why integrating content we are teaching to young people is so important.

Clips from the classroom in Kazakhstan, middle school students doing the Record Producer Algebra activity.

Kazakhstan Students in Classroom