DoRight Leadership Corps

Welcome to the DoRight Leadership Corps!

The DoRight Leadership Corps (DLC) is an award winning  curricular program in education for climate, sustainability, community engagement and entrepreneurship.

DLC engages students in real world action beyond school walls in their local community as sustainability and climate consultants to local businesses, political activists, public relations outreach for education and much more.  

DoRight is highly flexible;  it can be taught as a full semester course or an 8-week mini course, but in either case students follow a line of inquiry that begins with connecting with their own values and interests and leads them to discover fundamental principles of sustainable systems, current state of the planet, the need for system redesign, and the choice of an action project.  For the culminating action project students choose between four pathways:  

1) Consulting–making cold calls to local businesses and conducting sustainability assessments and making recommendations for lower environmental impact and increased profits 
2) Political Action–contacting elected officials to promote good policies,
3) Public outreach and education through teach-ins, films, blogs, and much more.
4) Original interest-based project design--projects are designed in consult with the teacher/facilitator.  A graphic depicting the curricular structure is shown below.  

Below is a graphic of the general curricular overview.  For a more detailed curricular map click on the links below.

In addition to sustainability, key features in DLC include entrepreneurship, ethics, intergenerational responsibility, personal empowerment, social justice and other topics that motivate and inspire students.  DoRight integrates and applies standards-based academic content  throughout the curriculum which provides a profound sense of relevance and meaning for academic study which motivates and enhances depth of understanding and retention of core academic skills and knowledge.

The DoRight program was begun in 2003 and has reached thousands of students in multiple schools in the U.S. and even as far away as a school in Kazakhstan.

DoRight instructional courses for kids, teachers, adults and homeschool communities are currently being offered by Mr. Beall through  THE VINE ST. SCHOOL.

Go to the links below for an overview of the DoRight program, a curriculum map of a full DoRight Course, and a set of lesson plans used within the program: 

Program overview and fact sheet
Doright fact sheet 8.7.10

Curriculum Map
DR curr map rev 8.2.10

Lesson plans
Here you can find a few examples of full teacher lesson plans for some of the instruction that takes place in the full DoRight program course.

Visit Student Work on this site to find video material, a student created documentary, and documents of student work on the DLC.

Visit Press and Testimonials to find the scope of DoRight’s impact on youth and sustainability leaders.

Evidence of success over time: The video below highlights two DoRight students and how the DoRight experience impacted their lives over time. The video features clips of the students in middle school, then later as career adults.

Eric Ficinus – The Off Grid Guru

Check out the current work of Eric Ficinus designing Earthships and off grid housing at this you tube channel: The Off Grid Guru. This can be an amazing educational resource for upcoming sustainability leaders.

Resource for Citizen Action on Climate and Sustainability

This packet contains tools to support a student or adult citizen in taking a set of actions that can have a meaningful impact on addressing climate and sustainability problems. The tools are excerpted from the larger DoRight program curriculum.

Teacher Climate Sustainability Course Materials