Case Studies

The studies below were conducted with an action research protocol and serve as case studies that reveal how the ongoing growth and development of NBL is informed by data gathered through reflective practice.

Also included are interviews that serve to provide further evidence of the impact and scope of NBL teaching and learning.

1. Williams Syndrome Association Journal Article:  “A Case Study of Teaching To Multiple Intelligences–Music and Mathematics,” 2000.

This is an account of an action research project I conducted at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT.  The project explored an essential tenet of interdisciplinary teaching;  to use a student’s strength area (music) to raise understanding in a weak area (math).
Case Study Music Math Williams Syndrome Journal

2.  Zhania Aubakirova’s College – Summary Report – “Integrating Music and Mathematics–A collaboration between Scott Beall and Zhania Aubakirova.

This project involved two, 2-week stints at Zhania Aubakirova’s College in Almaty, Kazakstan teaching students and teachers pedagogy around music and mathematics integration.  On the second trip topics of sustainability and systems thinking were added to the agenda.
Zhania Aubakirova College summary report

3.  Zhania Aubakirova Interview–This interview was conducted after a casual dinner at Zhainia’s house in Almaty, Kazakhstan at the end of my visit there.  This transcription was taken from the words of the interpreter, a friend of Shania.  The interview reveals is striking in how her vision is virtually identical to the NBL emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and cultivating a connected, holistic view of reality for students.
Zhania interview

4. Toast and final tribute, Kazahstan – A teacher at Zhania Aubakirova’s College made a touching and insightful toast to the value of international connections, and the visionary interdisciplinary teaching I had brought to their school.
Kazakhstan Final Toast