Press and Journal Publications

Publications are posted here as they emerge.   Most articles report on youth action in NBL programs or the program designs themselves.

1.  Book Feature:  Climate Solutions Consensus, “Doing Right By the Kids.”  National Council For Science and the Environment, David Blockstein, Leo Wegman, Island Press, 2010.

2.  Book Feature:  A Fifth Discipline Resource–Schools That Learn, Peter Senge, Nelda Cambron-McCabe, Timothy Lucas, Bryan Smith, Janis Dutton, Art Kellner, Crown Business Publishing Group (Random House), 2012.
Schools That Learn, Senge excerpt

3.  Newspaper Feature:  “He Puts A Steep Value On Enrichment”, Poughkeesie Journal, 2011.
Poughkeepise Journal article

4.  News Article:  “Students Advocate for Sustainable Development”, Journal News, New York, 2006
Journal News – DoRight

5.  News Article:  “Future Leaders Address Energy Conservation,”  Star Tribune, Casper, Wyoming,  2007
Casper article

6.  News Feature:  Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation,   “Middle School Students Do It Right,”
CELF Newsletter -Middle School Students Do It Right

7.  Newsletter Feature:  Metropolitan School Study Council Newsletter, Teacher’s College, Columbia University,  “Putting Multiple Intelligences Theory To Work–Teaching Math.” 2000.
Beall article mssc

8.  Op-Ed Feature Letter, New York Times
NYtimes op ed letter

9.  News Feature:  Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation,  Newsletter, “Middle School Students Forge Partnerships With Corporate America.”
CELF Corporate article

10.  News Article:  Institute For Local Government, “DoRight Leadership Corps Youth Conduct Sustainability Audits.”
DoRight Leadership Corps Youth Conduct Sustainability Assessments | Institute for Local Government