Essays and Videos

Here you will find text essays and “video essays” mostly authored by Scott Beall that expand on and illuminate the No Boundary Learning vision. 


1.  The Purpose of Education

This essay lays out the “call to action” and conveys the motivation behind the Integral Vision Learning platform.

2. Cafe Conversation with Scott Beall

This is the first in a series of casual talks on serious stuff, most of which informs the thinking and aims behind No Boundary Learning education platform. The format is improvisational with the string of ideas representing the fluid and holistic nature of epistemology itself. The music is Russian Lake, composed and performed by Scott Beall.

3. Fishing In A Stream of Consciousness Without a Pole

This essay is a fun story of an actual fishing trip in Yosemite. The fishing experience is embedded with topics of mathematics, physics, geometry, sustainability, and deep philosophy. It actually can be a very education read for young people–Enjoy!

4. The “Education System”–by Scott Beall

The system has forgotten what it is dealing with. The children we are educating are very young, developing human beings–not chairs, desks, machines, or products. These young breathing feeling flesh and blood beings are complex beyond measure–a constantly changing synthesis of varied faculties–spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical, cognitive, woven together in an interdependent fabric, each faculty impacting, feeding, affecting the other. Consequently, education of these beings REQUIRES a holistic approach that considers all the faculties of the human being simultaneously in every decision or action toward the human being’s education. Failing to approach it in this way not only barely achieves marginal success, but worse, alienates the learner and disenfranchises them from their own creative, intuitive voice. Over time, the child begins to believe that how the system views them is the truth; that they are cognitive vessels only, and that the faculties of spirit, emotion, psyche, contemplation, wonder, creativity, intuition, visioning, if they do exist at all, don’t matter. Going wholly unnourished, these dimensions of the child wither on the vine and instead of being front and center essential qualities of invention, problem solving and entrepreneurship, are viewed as cute, fuzzy non-essentials. Populating the world with a high percentage of such narrowly developed beings greatly reduces humanity’s chance of surviving the multitude of challenges the world is facing in the coming decades.

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