Welcome to Vine St. School!

Vine St. School provides instructional services aligned with No Boundary Learning aims and values for youth, teachers, and parents. Instruction is offered online and/or in person depending on COVID conditions at the time.  

Contact Scott Beall for booking, fees, further questions, and/or a consultation regarding your specific needs.


  • Private tutoring and mentoring for students in  grades 5-12.  This service provides support in basic skills and knowledge in the content focus areas listed below or can serve as enrichment and extension to provide greater challenge and inspiration.  Clients can also choose to pursue one of the mini-course offerings taught privately. 

  • Mini-Courses for school age youth grades 5-10.  The following mini-courses can be taught privately or in coordinated student groups.   Mini-courses  are held  once a week over 6-10 weeks.  See “Content Focus Areas” below for custom course options.

          Sustainability and Climate

  • Single Session Workshops (45 min. – 1.5 hour length) for classes of students or individuals in grades 5-12 are available in abridged versions of all of the above mini-courses.  

  • Professional development workshops for teachers in content, pedagogy, curriculum design innovation, and specific training to implement any of the curricula or mini courses (above) listed in this site.  See the following for a description of a full or half day teacher workshop on sustainability and youth empowerment:  
    DoRight Leadership Corps:  Extending School Learning Beyond the Classroom. 

  • Support for homeschool parents through workshops in specific curriculum and strategies for homeschooling their children.

Content Focus Areas for
Tutoring, Mentoring, and Custom Course Design

The content focus areas listed below can provide the basis for private tutoring or mentoring as well as the basis for a custom course design based on specific needs and interests of clients.  Click on links to learn more detail.

  • Sustainability and Climate Education

DoRight Leadership Corps is the basis for a comprehensive interdisciplinary project based curricular unit that includes history, sustainability and ecosystem science, economics, philosophy and a significant community service component that engages students as consultants to their local community to educate businesses and adults about the economic value and overall urgency of sustainable behaviors.  A key component of this sequence is “A Journey Into Systems Thinking.”

  • Mathematics

Problem Based Inquiry Series in Mathematics offers a student nearly 20 context areas to apply inquires in mathematics topics, levels ranging from grade 5 through high school algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry and pre calculus.  Contexts include sustainability, music, physics and engineering, culture and more.

  • Independent Student designed curriculum 

Independent student designed curriculum begins with deep inquiry into self–identity, passions, abilities, interests and sense of purpose.  Students design a custom curricular path or avenue of inquiry with the mentorship of Scott Beall.

  • Music

This category can include integrated music and mathematics curricula based on Scott Beall’s Functional Melodies publication or can consist of pure music instruction in theory, improvisation, history, instrumental instruction (guitar)

  • Philosophy, Psychology, and Consciousness Studies

Visit Units and lessons for details of the following:

A Brief History of the world–Modernity and Emerging World Views
Exploring Free will
Future Visions

  • Physics and Engineering

Students apply the Engineering Problem Solving Cycle and learn principles of physics and systems thinking in the construction of Rube Goldberg Machines.