Climate and Sustainability Course

Course materials–Resources and Curriculum

Teacher Pedagogy, Resources, Development Tools
A Shift to Systems Thinking
Sustainability Learning Outcomes Rubric
Sustainability Pedagogy Rubric
DoRight Leadership Corps Page
DoRight Leadership Corps Curriculum Map
DoRight Radio Show Interview with Scott Beall (On DoRight Leadership, audio file)
Interview with Scott Beall on “Education Today” television show – Ed Reform and Sustainability
Student Work from Sustainability Education Programs (assorted videos, documents, etc.)
Systems Thinking Definition and Quotes
Miseducation book–timeline of misinformation
Miseducation book–fiinal chapter summary notes

Curriculum design work template
Curriculum Design Resource Chart
Article: “Small Changes Inspire Huge Gains In Fourth Grade Essay Writing”

Climate and Sustainability Information Resources
No Boundary Teaching Resource Page (assorted videos and articles)
Intro Sustainability Slide Show
Climate Science Summary reading

Student Curriculum–Knowledge building
Extended Muli-Disciplinary Learning Bundle: Journey to Systems Thinking, Exploring Free Will, Future Visions, History of Modernity
Footprint Modeling Activity Teacher Notes
Footprint sheet for activity
Biomimicry Research Activity
Drawdown Research Activity (sustainability solutions)
Mathematics Bundle
Oxygen Molecule Visualization (audio file) (systems thinking)
Climate Change Tutorial
Climate Change Tutorial “DBQs”
State of the World Summit
Student Reflection Journal Prompts
Role Play Script–“A Long Bus Ride To Bigfoot
Role Play Script–“What’s Up With Climate?”
Socratic Seminar Guide–“Let’s Talk About It”
Critical Thinking Tenets

Student Curriculum–Solution Actions and Projects (also see DoRight Leadership Corps page)
Audit client recommendation letter sample
Audit client recommendation letter rubric
Audit client letter checklist/guide
Sales Call Script
ELA/Social Studies:
Tips for letters to elected officials
Tips for letters to newspaper editors
Sample letter to the editor
Documentary film guide
Citizen Action Guide – packet with audit template
Parent notification letter for student action