DoRight Leadership Corps

DoRight chapters can be implemented in within K-12 schools or as private chapters by citizen groups in local communities. 



After School Clubs and/or Enrichment Programs
DoRight groups can effectively be implemented within after school clubs or enrichment programs. In these settings a great deal of freedom exists to develop variations and even visit sites as an entire group. 

Academic Department Coordination–Interdisciplinary Teams 
The DoRight program provides an ideal format for a team of academic departments in a middle or secondary school to coordinate content instruction around real world project that provides value added to the local community. The DoRight Training process contains substantial segments of standards-based content specific to math, science, social studies and english that can conveniently be “farmed out” to respective classes for a powerful interdisciplinary experience for students and teachers alike.


DoRight is highly flexible and specific applications will vary depending on the age and prior knowledge/skills of the student consultants as well as with cultural context (both school and community). A recommended minimum amount of instructional time for cycle with middle school students is:

Training (knowledge and skill building): 10-15 hours of class time
Project Phase: 10-20 hours of class time, variable out-of-class time (students on site) 


A single full day DoRight Professional Development workshop can be sufficient to supply teachers with the basic knowledge, understandings, and curricular materials necessary to implement an instructional cycle of DoRight Enterprises in an enrichment program or after school club. Implementing DoRight within core academic instruction in interdisciplinary teams requires extra planning time for teachers beyond the DoRight PD workshop. More extensive 2-3 day workshops are offered and recommended to provide teachers with greater depth of understanding of sustainaiblity issues and how they can be infused into overall school learning. 

Return to this site in the first several weeks of September ’07 to find a description of the DoRight Professional Development workshop.



Private chapters of DoRight youth groups can be developed with the support and advice of a DoRight specialist. The process is outlined below. 

Step 1:   Introduction and Orientation for Stakeholders 

(2 hours) DoRight Facilitator 

This meeting is necessary to inform relevant parties about the DoRight program.   It can be conducted in a virtual forum and in some cases abbreviated or eliminated entirely depending on context. 

Step 2:   Stakeholder Meeting–Create a “DoRight Organizing Committee” 

(2-8 hours) DoRight facilitator optional 

Interested parties form a DoRight Organizing Committee (DOC) and hold a meeting(s) to establish their various motivations, interests, and levels of involvement in the DoRight Chapter. This meeting will likely involve various stakeholders from multiple sectors of society–citizens and/or officials from local businesses, educational institutions, parents, students and other concerned or interested individuals and functions as a board of directors. Topics to be established at the DOC meeting include: 

  • Specific motivations for establishing a DoRight chapter–mission and goals
  • Membership and leadership chair of the DoRight Organizing Committee
  • Facilities to be used for training and work sessions
  • Materials:   computers, printers, cell phones,   transportation (optional: video and still cameras). Youth consultant population–source and method of recruitment 
  • Supervisors:   Number and type of adult mentors to guide and supervise the process.   (Note: Mentor needs are entirely dependent upon the age group and prior knowledge/skill of consultants. 
  • Timeline, budget and funding resources 
  • Revenue generating potential of the chapter 

Step 3:   Submit DOC plan to Integral Vision Learning for approval and feedback 

DoRight Enterprises is currently in the process of incorporating as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization in New York State.   At this time there are no fees associated with establishing a DoRight chapter, however Integral Vision Learning reserves the right to oversee the use of the DoRight Enterprises trademark and copyrighted tools and materials. Successful implementation of a DoRight chapter requires the assistance of a DoRight consultant from Integral Vision Learning, and/or reference to the forthcoming DoRight Enterprises Handbook.

To discuss the details of implementing a DoRight youth group in your school or community please contact:

Scott Beall