DoRight Leadership Corps


Education for Sustainability is arguably the most important category of learning for our current age.  It is also the most overlooked and under prioritized area of learning in education institutions throughout the United States.

The DoRight Leadership Corps (DLC) is a flagship award winning IVL program in education for sustainability and entrepreneurship.

DLC engages students in real world action beyond school walls as sustainability consultants to local businesses, political activists, public relations outreach for education and much more.

In addition to sustainability, key features in DLC include entrepreneurship, ethics, intergenerational responsibility, personal empowerment, civic action, and real world application of school academics.

The link below connects to a previous site containing a wealth of information on the DLC from nearly 15 years of implementation.
DoRight Leadership Corps

Also visit Student Work on this site to find video material, a student created documentary, and documents of student work on the DLC.

Essential DoRight Documents:
1.  Promotional information overview
Doright fact sheet 8.7.10

2.  DoRight Curriculum Map
DR curr map rev 8.2.10