IVL takes a holistic approach to realize the vision;  multiple modalities, various sectors, and systemic change within institutions are addressed.

IVL teaching and services emphasize a co-creation process  between client and facilitator using a transformational approach.  Focus is  placed on raising awareness, creativity, aspirational thinking, deep reflection, identity assessment and flexibility in connection with concrete analysis, focused action protocols, and authentic performance based assessment to achieve results.

Services are offered to a variety of education sector groups in content/topic areas of choice as listed below.  

Contact Scott Beall with questions or to inquire about how IVL services can address your specific needs or interest.

Services by sector:

  • Students:  School-wide assemblies, special presentations and programs.

  • Teachers:  Professional development workshops and institutes.

  • Administrators:  Whole school design and special initiative consulting.

  • Homeschool communities: Curricular support for parents and instructional delivery to children.

  • Private sector and organizations:  Special event lectures, keynotes and presentations.


  • Education for sustainability:  Climate science, activism, biophilia, biomimicry, systems thinking, evolution of world views, global consumption and projected outcomes, application of traditional academic skills as critical thinking tools to find truth.

  • Interdisciplinary project-based learning:  Inquiry, creation, relevance, student buy-in, building, making, creating, long term thinking, perseverance, real world experience modeling.

  • Integrated music and mathematics teaching, curriculum and theory:  A classic interdisciplinary pairing based on the Functional Melodies publication and many years of classroom development.

  • Student designed curricular models:  Identity and interest development, autonomous learning skills, self direction, empowerment, activation of creative capacity, belief in original creative ideas.

  • Activism and ethics:  Fundamentals of a democratic society, reflection, morality, intergenerational responsibility, empowerment and skills to affect change.

  • Raising consciousness:  Mindfulness, epistemology, systems- based holistic perception activities, mediation, sensory awareness, interpersonal skill enhancement.