Integral Vision Learning

Integral Vision Learning (IVL) is a call to action and comprehensive platform to transform the way we educate citizens of all ages.

Call to Action

Why the call to action?  What needs to change?
These questions are addressed in my essay:
The Purpose of Education.”

Essential Characteristics and Values of IVL 

High emphasis and priority is placed on the following dimensions of learning:

Deep constructivist learning–authentic student inquiry in its purest sense.

Systems thinking–holistic awareness and perception, seeing the big picture and relationships between components on all levels of scale.

Interdependence–understanding this chief feature of the world in the 21st Century, at every level of scale, between social systems, living systems, economic systems, and physical systems.

Contemplative and mindfulness activities, metacognition, meditation, deep reflection, mind-body awareness.

Raising Consciousness–self awareness (emotions, intellect, subjective conditioning), unity consciousness  (presence, spirit, connect to the “big picture” and holistic nature of reality).

Philosophy and epistemology–exploration of expanded ways of knowing, cognition, and source of belief systems and mental models of reality.

Deep creativity–accessing intuition, creative visioning, transcending subjective traps.

Personal actualization of being–sense of purpose, higher intention, aspirations, chief features, character, values.

Interdisciplinary orientation–a key feature of curriculum design to explore systems thinking and develop holistic awareness.

Ethics–in all contexts, nature, society, and the future.

Essential academic knowledge and skills taught in real world project-based learning contexts and authentic inquiry.

For further information view the documents below:

  1. Summary chart characterizing the shift to systems thinking and holistic perception.
    Summary chart
  2. Graphic depicting the reorganization of learning in IVL that places traditional subject are knowledge and skill as a means to end, as tools on the path to the priorities of transformation, unity consciousness, sustainability and ethical development.
    IVL graphic