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Integral Vision Learning (IVL)
A new vision and comprehensive platform for how to educate citizens of all ages.

“Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see….” 

IVL holds that citzens must have a set of capacities beyond the aims of current schooling to ensure a sustainable future for the planet, a socially just society, and a functional democracy.

IVL prioritizes raising consciousness, cultivating holistic systems-based awareness,  and fostering high ethical standards and commitment to service–NOT just training workers.

IVL holds that education must now prioritize the creation of an enlightened society as its central aim by adopting an entirely new paradigm for what is meant to “educate.”

“If democracy is to survive, if the ecosystems of our planet are to survive, if civilization is survive, it will require a cultural epiphany on what we take to be the purpose of education.” 

–Scott Beall, “The Purpose of Education

In this site:

Vision:  Integral Vision Learning–A platform for new aims and priorities for education.

Action:  Curricular programs, teacher professional development, school design that brings this vision into reality.

Evidence:  Case studies, testimonials, student work, implementation data, and more….