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Mathematics Teaching and Learning


Teaching Problem Solving and Creating An Inquiry Based Mathematics Classroom

Read about how this workshop was applied in the Stamford School District in Connecticut.


Making Math Relevant: Learning Math Skills through Real World Global Problems Grades 6-10

This workshop explores the use of a problem-based approach to create relevance, meaning and motivation for learning mathematics.   Participants will design "makeovers" of their existing math curricula that supply contexts that motivate students.   In this workshop, critical global issues are examined for their ability to generate rich mathematical content, focusing primarily on the sustainability of natural resource consumption, "ecological footprinting," population issues, global economics and wealth distributions.   Sample problems in these areas presented, discussed,examined and solved.   Other contexts for math learning are then explored, including music and mathematics integration.  A full range of math topics are addressed that can be adapted for grades 6-10.   All participants leave the workshop with a unit, lesson or module for use in their classrooms.
Click here for a more detailed description of this workshop, including content and agenda.