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Rubbed Raw By Bone-Headed Humanity


This site is an Op-Ed newspaper that will evolve daily or weekly. Please feel free to submit articles (about the length of what you would to the newspaper, max) sayings, thoughts, noteworthy news events, inside info, etc. as you see fit. Send them to Integral Awareness Hub and I'll post them as soon as I can.

The Coalition For Integral Awareness generally believes we need a new start, to step up one notch in thinking and reconstruct the world.


Politics: Working toward ways that true democracy can exist on a world-wide basis.

Nature: Connecting with the awe of nature. As one of my 4th graders said: "people should turn to nature for entertainment instead of TV and buying a bunch of stuff they don't need . . . "

Resources: Conscious consumption--really. supporting and creating sustainable systems

Consciousness: Living according to the law of "what is" . . . seeing, being and acting according to the way things actually are vs. our illusions or denial-based delirium.

Reason: Very important, and disastrous when misapplied or revered in excess--there are greater gods.

Communication: Balance the modes to include real time speech, art, poetry and music.

Education: Expand beyond quantitative, reductionist, industrial, deterministic models, and create programs that create humane individuals vs. just skilled workers. Hitler had a lot of skilled workers who could score great on the SAT . . .

Sex: yes

Responsibility: Moving beyond selfishness--prioritizing sevice to others/humanity. This is much about you as "them" . . .

Religion: many voices, languages and incarnations, ONE message-source.


Articles and Letters


A mind is a terrible thing to believe.

--Scott Beall



Remember the dying.

--John Condon



The other day one of my 5th graders, when brainstorming what a utopia might be, said, " If all of the world was exactly like the United States, THAT would be Utopia for sure!"

Hmm . . .

--Scott Beall



Men on Humanity letters, several years ago:



There is an itchiness in the land. People are itchy. The collective consciousness (of which many remain unconsciously affected) is at work. Wisdom and truth exist. All Humans are inherently intuitive, some have just lost touch with it more than others. The collective consciousness and universal Wisdom-Truth is present in all but just dormantly inactive in many. For some, its irretrievably smothered. Hence, some people feel the itchiness, some don't. There is a simple truth for humans in our current age. We face an uncertain future--an uncertainty unparalleled in our history in its absolute implications. It is simple mathematics that even the 100% non-educated can understand: unending growth inside something that is not growing is doomed. The future of our species faces two options:

1) Undergo a shift of consciousness, enlightenment, a realignment of values, reassessment of goals, integration of spirit with technology, reinvention of social and political structures, redesign of how resources are allocated, re-establishment of how different races are perceived, awakening to our integration with the natural world--truth on the relationship between the stuff of "man" vs. "non-man."

2) Experience major annihilation--environmental and/or social (war, ecological collapse). This may result in #1 above for the remaining humans when the smoke clears, if it does.

Many would argue that #1 above would require a world teacher or "second coming" of sorts. Maybe not, maybe so. If this happens, great. But suppose it doesn't? And regardless, what is our responsibility in mean time? Can you live with yourself if you just watch the alternative unfold? Do you feel powerless? As an individual in relation to the big picture, you may be right. But there is one place, however, that you have undeniable and absolute power: The ability to live in integrity with your responsibility as a steward of your planet and species. At least this way your karma is clean, and you can find solace amidst whatever goes down. THE GROUP Where do we start? Start with ourselves. People like yourself, men in the prime of their life with the wisdom of experience, spiritually evolving, educated, with the passion and creativity of youth, hold the premier responsibility and ability answer the call. The time is now. The future is now. World teacher or not, Armageddon or not, we have a responsibility to wake up to the siren and start a dialogue. No grandiose claims here. At very least, we will be able to process and negotiate within ourselves the angst generated by a world in denial. At first, we should hold no goals beyond that. If greater goals evolve, amen. Consider this gathering a re-establishment of a community of like minds and spirits in response to our responsibility as stewards of our species and planet. One step at a time--form follows thought.

SOME DISCUSSION TOPICS: 1) Relationship of the sexes--roles, history, destiny, balance, reconciliation, sex, love, marriage, monogamy 2) God-spirituality, meditation, religions, secular-spiritual split and healing 3) Left brain/right brain integration--holistic integration of reality constructs 4) Communication: Language traps--reinvention and definition of terms 5) Economics, hyper-consumerism, socio-politics, private property, sharing, family of man, sharing of the earth 6) Environment-relationship to, techno fix vs. consciousness shift 7) How to solve the whole fucking mess 8) What to do about the idiots that don't think like us . . . After I sent the above letter to Jim Blake he sent me a letter back. His letter follows:


A few thoughts for discussion:
How does one engage the culture in order to simultaneously achieve the following: 1. make a living/raise a family 2. realize deep unrealized artistic passions and potential 3. address the global sustainability issue on a private and public scale

How do we a small group:

1. develop a shared language and shared definitions in order to effectively discuss or interests 2. Set a detailed agenda that fuels the interest of us all and allows for serendipitous intellectual explorations in the service of wit, humor and wisdom 3. Measure states of rebellion 4. shall we publish a newsletter or minutes of our meetings? 5. Address the issue of our own values. How can we wring our own lives of every last ounce of potential, to go out of this show blissfully exhausted. It would be interesting to me if we could come to grips with what is currently passing as philosophical thought in academia, i.e. structuralism, post-structuralism, semiotics, post-modernism, deconstruction et al so that we might engage the academic world a some point in our agenda. I would like the group to have a passing knowledge of major historical turning points of the past thousand years even if just be reading those little cartoon philosophy books, or by talking to each other. We should know a little about the roots of democracy, the religious movement of the past millennium, the most influential thinkers, politicians, writers, etc. so that we can discuss the direction of democracy. We should come to an understanding of the term left and right, liberal and conservative, Victorian and modern and postmodern. We should have a passing familiarity with the ideas of Levi-Strauss, Derrida, Locke, Rousseau, Descartes.

I am personally interested in the following ideas that may or may not engage the group:

1. Does art influence society or reflect society in any way whatsoever? 2. Is there such a thing as a good war? Do we need another one? 3. does one's relationship with one's parents indelibly set the matrix of subsequent cultural attitudes? 4. Is Freud dead? 5. should the American university system be dismantled? 6. Should NASA be scrapped? 7. How do ideas spread from one person to millions? 8. How do we protect out time from cultural flotsam and jetsam 9. Should we interfere with the massive ongoing destruction of the rain forests? It is our planet after all and those forests are producing oxygen for us all. 12. How are you personally going to keep from working side by side with an Hispanic teenage at Mac Donalds when you are seventy years old? 13. Are Liberals really liberal? 14. Did Ronald Regan and Richard Nixon have any redeeming features? 15. Does Karma really work? 16. Were the middle ages really medieval or is this just an ignorant myth? After al these people built the great gothic cathedrals. 17. What's worse an eating disorder or alcoholism? 18. What role does risk play in your life 19. Are men from mars or just John Gray? 20. Are academics an arrogant priesthood that is ripe for the national razor (guillotine) 21. Is the media out of control? 22. How do separate generation establish their identity? How does one distinguish valuable contributions of an emerging generation from faddish claptrap. Did the sixties generation--the boomers-- us, contribute anything of value or were we just a tribe of dope smoking airheads, cardboard revels who fell in line behind a mortgage as soon as it got hot. 23. Is it possible to be lonely in a crowd? 24. Is passion ever rational? Are there passionate rationalists? does everything in this goddamned culture have to either/or? Is it perhaps just a big mooshy goulash of shades of brown? 25. Is very hard physical labor liberating or enslaving? Do we work hard enough (burn enough calories) to be virtuous men? Or are we just busy men? 26. Let's design five public events/demonstrations and invite the press. 28. Is this how the promise keepers started? 29. What do women really want? I'm going to close for now, I'm on the verge of getting silly. Let's run with this thing!